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January 22, 2013
by Ludamyla

Powerful Article Marketing Tips for Internet Traffic

Article Marketing Tips


Article Marketing ought to be an integral component of any marketing program and it’s smart to prepare what you’re going to write before you start.

You should have completed your keyword analysis and you will need to have a choice of about five or 6 key phrases, in addition to long-tail key phrases which you are able to use as the base for your articles. Once you come up with two articles for each and every keyword phrase you have listed, you can now submit them to the best article directory internet sites over the next few days.



The Google Panda change did have an impact on many article marketing article publication sites and the ones that suffered most were websites that approved poor quality content material. That is why you should aim for the higher good quality article directories.

A lot of people claim that article submission is really a waste of time now, however it isn’t, provided you are able to write effective articles about your preferred topic which are fascinating and beneficial to readers. They need to be crafted in a way that your article writing draws somebody down towards the foot of the page where your author’s resource box is.

Your resource box or author bio will contain links to a relevant landing page on your website where the reader can click for far more information or to purchase your product. Article marketing serves another purpose. it is going to bring you back links to your website that are essential for moving your website up by way of the Google ranks. The better your article is the more people that will read it and click through to your web site.

Write an excellent article and that article itself may be ranked by Google bringing you much more visitors and back links. It is a little harder to do nowadays but not impossible.

The BEST Article Directory…

The very first directory web site I suggest you submit to is Ezinearticles. They may take up to five days to approve your article but often less. They are often an excellent article directory because of their stringent approval method. You need to not publish your article somewhere else until it really is approved by Ezinearticles as they are going to reject you for duplicate article content material.

They also like informative and interesting articles with good grammar and punctuation. Do not generate your article as a blatant advertisement for your product, they won’t approve it. Your article has to be constructed so it clearly shows the positive aspects of your product without naming it.

A superb concept is always to write your article in a manner that it addresses and solves a problem that people are experiencing. Make it interesting and informative. When your article is approved you need to change at least 30% of the words in it so that each time you submit to other article directories it is exclusive to them.

Lead your Reader…

This is where you place your links to your web site and you must encourage your reader to click on the link. Keep the reader moving towards the end by adding call to action words like “read far more about (whatever your item does). The secret is always to make your bio box flow from the body of your article. Don’t talk excessively about yourself (even though it is a Bio Box!) and make sure you lead the reader towards the correct page on your web site. Usually a landing page or squeeze page.

More Exposure = More Site Visitors

Link your articles back to your article on EzineArticles and this may provide you with the added bonus of back links. Because all of the articles you are submitting are on the same subject this may be an advantage. For those who have chosen their key phrases well this may be enough to rank your article on the front page of Google providing a lot more exposure for your article and your product. These article marketing tips will help to boost your marketing efforts.


P.S. When Article Marketing is combined with a powerful internet-based platform the magic can start to happen!!


January 21, 2013
by Ludamyla

Marketpress Tuition

Complete Video Guide to MarketPress and e-Commerce with WordPress

WordPress E-commerce – 1. Welcome to MarketPress


WPMU DEV MarketPress – 2. The Front-end Inter

MarketPress – 3. Getting Started With General Settings

MarketPress – 4. Presentation Settings

MarketPress – 5. Messaging Configurations

MarketPress – 6. Payment Gateway Settings

 MarketPress – 7. Shipping Settings

MarketPress – 8. Import from CSV and WP e-commerce

MarketPress – 9. Product Creation and Management

MarketPress – 10. Sales and Coupon Codes

MarketPress – 11. Order Management

MarketPress – 12. Selling Digital Products

MarketPress – 13. MarketPress Network Settings

MarketPress – 14. Setting Up the Etsy-style Site

MarketPress – 15. Categories and Organization

December 17, 2012
by Ludamyla

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